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Just as we love flowers, they also drive us crazy because we want to see them amazing. Flowers look beautiful, whether in vases or bouquets.

We adore when they arrive and day after day they open, showing more and more their beauty. But from time to time we have doubts about how they have to be taken care of so that they last fresher. We are here to tell you the most important steps to make them stay precious for longer.

We will try to make your flowers last much longer at home and we want to share 4 tips to take care of fresh flowers. Without a doubt, we will be your best ally in the care of your bouquet.

Your flowers need to breathe

Some of the bouquets may arrive wrapped in kraft paper since they are bouquets and what you should always do is that as soon as you get home you remove it. Flowers need a little air and a vase where they feel comfortable.

Cut the flowers correctly

After your flowers are already breathing after removing the paper, we recommend cutting the stems so they can better absorb water and hydrate. Ideally, the cut should be a two-finger size and diagonal.

We all need water

It is very likely that you have already prepared your vase with water so that your flowers can feel comfortable. Without a doubt, the best advice we can give you at Verbena Flores is that you always leave the vase with clean water and that the water never touches the flowers; since with the stems it will be more than enough. Try to change the water every 2 or maximum 3 days so that your flowers are much fresher.

You also have to nurture them

With Verbena Flores it is very likely that your flowers already have the necessary nutrients, in addition to those that we send with your bouquet. You will see that they will look beautiful if you feed them in the best way. If for some reason you do not have the nutrients, do not worry with a little water, sugar and lemon you will make them happy.

We hope that with all these tips, your plants and flowers will last much longer in your home. We hope you will take a walk and see all the beautiful bouquets that we have for you.

At Verbena Flores we have many options that that special person will love. We invite you to take a walk and give him love and affection.


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