Flowers for Mother's Day

Have you ever thought of offering something to mom like a beautiful bouquet of flowers ? Discover how you can choose the best authentic and personalized bouquet, for this his big day.
Flowers are one of the best and most beautiful options to give on Mother's Day , without a doubt it is a token of authentic affection that comes from our hearts.
What flowers can I give Mom this 10th of May ?
The most important thing for us to be successful with the flowers that we will give to mom is to know what tastes she has, to know what kind of flower she thinks is the most beautiful and that this brings her joy. The bouquet may contain, for the most part, a dedication that makes your gift even more personalized.


Without a doubt one of the most beautiful flowers that you could give away are orchids. At Verbena we have different options for you that will undoubtedly make you smile.


Another flower that stands out is the tulip as they have very bright colors. They are undoubtedly associated with love and purity. It is a flower that tends to be delicate and is a great option if you want to receive a big smile in return.


Lilies, in addition to being very happy and beautiful flowers, also hide a message of love. The white ones are associated with happiness, the yellow ones the joy , the red ones the energy, the pink ones speak of femininity , the blue ones of trust and loyalty, while the violet ones represent tranquility and justice


They are a flower known as the flower of love or the flower of the gods, carnations have all their splendor in spring and undoubtedly have both colors and unique shapes. Its color also has a specific meaning, so pinks symbolize gratitude , reds represent admiration and whites are associated with good luck and purity .

At Verbena Flores we have many options that your mother will love this Mother's Day. We invite you to take a walk and give her love and affection on her day.


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  • Laura

    Hola podrían atender mi pedido? Suelo hacer pedidos con ustedes y desafortunadamente esta vez no han llegado mis flores, dos pedidos pagados que esperaba se enviaran ayer y no tengo respuesta de ustedes. Ya trate de contáctalos por chat y no tengo respuesta – Gracias

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