Types of flowers

At present there are about 10,000 types of flower types around the world, and in Mexico an updated count was made of the flowers that reveals the existence of 53 orders, 247 families, 2 685 genera and 21 841 species; 11,001 of them endemic. But at verbenaflores.com we are going to tell you about the most representative: (and our favorites)

The Rosa genus is made up of a well-known group of generally thorny and flowery shrubs, the main representatives of the Rosaceae family. The flower of the members of this genus is called rose and the plant rose.

rosas rosas en jarón

It is also called "African daisy" is typically used to decorate the garden or bouquets and grows in rosettes. It is a genus of ornamental plants of the Asteraceae family. It includes about 150 described species and of these, only 38 accepted.

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Helianthus annuus, commonly called sunflower, calom, jáquima, marigold, mirasol, is an annual herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family native to Central and North America and cultivated as a food, oilseed and ornamental throughout the world.


Orchids or orchids are a family of monocotyledonous plants that are distinguished by the complexity of their flowers and by their ecological interactions with pollinators and with the fungi with which they form mycorrhizae.

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The carnation or carnation is a Herbaceous plant belonging to the Caryophyllaceae family, diffused in the Mediterranean regions, it is spontaneous in the flora of the Iberian Peninsula. In its typical form it is a cespitose plant, with numerous shoots up to 1 m high.

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Lilium species, commonly called lilies or lilies, constitute a genus with about 110 members that is included within the lily family < br>

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And this is how we conclude with this short blog about our favorite flowers, we hope that today's blog has been useful to you! and you? Which of these flowers do you prefer?

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